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Hay~ I have some time now (FINALLY!) and if there is anything that anyone would like translated (same rules apply - je related only), go right ahead and give me a good quality link of the article and I will translate it ;) I can't promise how soon, though.

Open until I say Closed :D

Tegoshi's hot hot hot lyrics LOL

Here are Tegoshi's lyrics from the Hey!Hey!Hey! that had NEWS as guests.


In a dark bar, me and you, In a little drunken way you say
"Hey, do you have anything to go to after this?"
In front of you like that, I am one dog
Please give me your smile (in a fake way)

If you really want it, I'll give you my all
Your body temperature feels kind of good
I want to be wrapped in it from now on
But in exchange for that, please cool down my hot parts


I did it pretty quickly but it's pretty accurate in a way that you sort of know what he means (I hope).
If anything confuses please ask and I'd be more than happy to explain to you what these hot lyrics mean.

and then Tegoshi asked them to put a title on his lyrics, and a guy said something but it was censored XD and then later he starts saying D...A... but then they cut him off.

Feel free to share these but please, all I ask of you is to give credit to me / link to my journal.

I found the video here - http://yamaperfection.livejournal.com/269850.html#cutid1

Thank you so much for your comments :D

Seventeen 0409 articles

 I know a number of you are watching  my journal because I have said that I would like to translate the future 0409 Yamapi articles.

Well, now there is a wonderful community that translates (including me ;D ) and then puts the text onto the image. We're going to cover all of the old 0409 articles and the future ones. I fail at explaining things so go see for yourself XD :


You have to join in order to see the translations. It's totally worth it, so go join. NOW >:] lol. <3
Plus, I translated the one that came out today ^^ It's his first article = interesting = go join NOW >:3 XD  lol.

I still plan to continue doing translations in general, so don't de-friend me just yet :)

My request post will be open after a week or so, because I have a biiig project at school and we all know how I am when it comes to procrastinating & loving to translate XD so, be sure to check back soon ^^

oh, and I think it's safe to say that I'm going to post an icon batch sometime this weekend (yay no school on monday = president's day~) 8D

Photoshigenic Translation

From WinkUp January 2008. Scans from : http://community.livejournal.com/news_jpop/1754216.html
Requested from: teddi2

I'm going from top to bottom ^^b and from the first page shown.
The [ ]  are me making notes.
This isn't my best translation :| if anything confuses you, feel free to ask ^^v

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myojo - Yamapi & Koyama & Massu

this is a request from tenma123, well the request was only for Pi's, but I decided to do the other ones as well ^^

It's from the Myojo 9/2007 issue.

There's also a Tegoshi, Shige, and Ryo ones, so if anyone wants that I'll translate that too ^^b
This is my 4th translation, so tell me if there's anything that sounds confusing that you don't get. Don't feel bad about it, I like explaining things, I'm weird. lol.
And like always the brackets [ ]  are me making little notes. ^^;;

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