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ryopi :D

Please request!!!

Requests are OPEN! PLEASE request something that you'd like to have translated, but like always it has to be JE-related.
I'm doing a summer project but I need to translate more articles. Please don't hesitate! I don't care how old it is. Hopefully it's something that no one has translated, though.

so PLEASE request! haha :)

oh and I've decided to keep randomaya my private journal and also my translations journal.
but for now on, I'll post my graphics at my new community nemuize. There's nothing up yet but there will be soon! So go join ;)

and I'm going to say this again but PLEASE request something for me to translate :3
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Hay~ I have some time now (FINALLY!) and if there is anything that anyone would like translated (same rules apply - je related only), go right ahead and give me a good quality link of the article and I will translate it ;) I can't promise how soon, though.

Open until I say Closed :D