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Tegoshi June 2008 Potato Translation

Tegoshi June 2008 Potato Translation
Taken from here.
The scan is the second on the bottom row with Tegoshi and his hand on his shoulder (fjasjfdas so cute omg).

If we're together and I'm at ease, I think I get more attracted and get interested

I don't really have an intention of having a switch from work and my normal life. But I do feel a switch when we get in a circle before a concert. For TV dramas, I think that when I put on the costume I get in the mode and while talking to other cast members, I slowly turn on the work switch.

I don't really feel any on and off difference for members. The one with the harshest difference is maybe Massu. Look, in pictures he smiles and doesn't he look so pure and calm? But when he wakes up he can be in a very bad mood (laugh). I'm with Massu for the longest time so I sort of understand now that I'm supposed to leave him alone at times like that.

If I was troubling over something work related, I'd talk to my friends. It's not like switching my feeling over but it might be that I feel better after talking about it. I hate staying worried and continue on to the next day. If I argue with my friend, I don't really drag it on. I like it better when the same day we apologize to each other and the next day we're close friends again.

For girls, the switch that makes me attracted to them might be if I'm at ease when I'm with them. I feel that I understand that with first contact. Don't you feel that sometimes you can tell when you're with a certain person and you can be at ease? When you're with someone like that, you probably think that I want to protect her and when you two are together you probably feel doki doki!*

Lastly let's talk about the newest single "Summer Time". When I first heard it, I thought of how I wanted summer to come sooner. It's a song that can make you think of summer just that much. So I want you to notice how in just one song you can feel the atmosphere and lyrics are romantic. I also think that the PV is very summer-y too. At the filming set there was a dog and the filming took so long that the dog really saved me. We were hugging and playing the whole time (laugh).

yay aw tegoshi <3 Obviously for the end the hugging could also be translated to "I was holding the dog" but hugging also worked so -shrugs- plus I love the mental picture lol
* doki doki - the sound in Japanese when your heart thumps a lot because you are in looove.

Well, again if you have any questions feel free to ask :)
I don't know if someone has translated this yet... Oh well.
If people want other members interviews as well for this Potato issue, please say and I'll get to work ;)

I made a post earlier today, but  from now on this journal will just be for translating and also be my personal journal. I made a new community for just graphics, but nothing is up there yet so aha. nemuize.
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